FREE UPGRADE Changing Standards of G59/G99
Your G59 has to be amended to G99 retrospectively if it was installed before February  2018 to meet the new grid code changes.

Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme.
Is offering funding to cover all of the cost involved for a limited period. Don't miss out Apply Today!

The Energy Networks Association in conjunction with the National Grid have decided to accelerate the upgrade of your systems and will pay to upgrade you from G59 to G99 status. This is covered up to August of next year. After that the energy generator (you) will be required to pay for any upgrade works. It concerns anyone who has a generating station of over 50kw. It was recognised that all G59 Relay safety devices were, in essence, too sensitive and in some cases would not reset correctly in the event of a black out. Everyone who has a renewable generator installed prior to Feb 2018 will have a G59 relay with the exception of smaller solar installations less than 50kW.This would include Wind Turbines, Combined Heat & Power (CHPs), Solar, hydro, grid synchronised diesel generators etc... By April 2022, they will have to upgrade this G59 relay to the new standards.

This can cost up to £4,000 per relay.The accelerated loss of mains programme is offering funding to cover this cost on a first come basis with applications for the funding closing on 11/08/2020So, there is a limited window of opportunity to claim this money before it has been allocated. There are currently four windows of opportunity to claim this funding.

Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP)

Note: this Programme does not apply to domestic and similar generation that has been connected in accordance with EREC G83. It only applies to generation connected before 01 February 2018 in accordance with EREC G59.

This is an industry led project delivered by National Grid ESO, Distribution Network Operators, and Independent Distribution Network Operators to accelerate compliance with new requirements in the Distribution Code. National Grid ESO and GB Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) / Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) are undertaking this electricity transmission and distribution industry led initiative managed on behalf of the Distribution Code Review Panel.

The participating DNOs and IDNOs are:

• Electricity North West
• Northern Powergrid
• Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
• SP Energy Networks
• UK Power Networks
• Western Power Distribution

Please feel free to contact me on 01745 592182 for help or advice.

G59 Accelerated Change Programme
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