Vale Energy specialise in assisting businesses, farms, schools and nursing homes locally and throughout the UK to decrease their carbon emissions, substantially reduce their energy costs and generate a stable and secure long term additional income.

Vale Energy are renewable energy consultants and installers of market leading sustainable and viable energy solutions.

We provide a full turnkey solution including consultation, planning, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance.  We can manage and apply for grid connection, planning permission and any tariff registration on our client’s behalf and can advise on all finance options.  We currently offer one of the best Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) available in the UK’ to include Demand Response income from the National Grid.

The rapid and continued growth of our business is due to unrivalled customer service and word of mouth recommendations.  We are very proud of our reputation and urge prospective customers to contact any of our previous clients.

Every enquiry is approached as a unique project.  This enables us to understand your specific requirements so that we can deliver the most efficient, economical, and appropriate bespoke system available to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.  At Vale Energy we will never compromise our integrity by supplying a renewable solution that is inappropriate to a client’s requirements. This strong ethos is one of the many reasons why Vale Energy stands apart from others in the industry.

Vale Energy has built up an expert team of designers, engineers, service / maintenance and support staff giving us full control over quality, timescales and budget to ensure that your installation will not only meet your specific requirements but will also be of the highest standard, efficiency and ready to stand the test of time.