Land Required
Gas Peaking Plant Opportunity

This initiative offers a secure revenue stream for 25 years
Close proximity to mains gas & 3 phase electric supplies
Rental rates in the region of £3000 MW index linked
1-5 Acres of land required

Adding Value To Your Power Purchase Agreements

Competitive import and export supply contracts arranged
Solar PV, Wind, Hydro, AD & CHP Plants

With wholesale energy prices on the increase now is an ideal time to consider fixing your PPA contracts up to 6 months in advance of any renewal dates

Ground Source Heatpumps

Designed to provide heat & cooling Ideal for Grain Drying, Dairy / Poultry Farms & Cold Storage Facilities
  • Annual profit based on a 1MW system c. £107,000
  • 20 Year index linked RHI income £2,982,367
  • c. 4.5 years return on investment (ROI)
  • Design, Build & Install, Ofgem certification c.16 weeks